Electronic high frequency vibrating poker EBA Models

 - Electronic high frequency vibrating poker EBA Models

Automatic high frequency vibrating poker sigle phase 230 V - 200 Hz with integrated electronic frequency converter

Weight and handling gains are very appreciated on construction site.

These pokers can be used safely on single phase 230 V current and the electronic card converts 50 Hz in 200 Hz in order to guarantee high frequency at 12 000 Rpm

Pokers are equipped with :

  • 1 Electronic Switch Casing 1.4kVA (Similar to rotative frequency changer 18 A)
  • 5 m Hose – 10 m Cable
  • 1 EEC 230 V Single Phase Plug
Type Tension Diameter (mm) Length (mm) C.F. (Kg) Intensity (A) Weight (Kg)
EBA35 230V-50/60 Hz Single phase 36 360 160 1 10.7
EBA50 230V - 50/60 Hz Single phase 50 360 350 2 14

Electronic card located into aluminium switch casing is protected by a resin (IP65 protection)

Becareful! These pokers must be connected in accordance with current regulations (Protection 30 mA)

                  Generator must be grounded.

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