VIBRA FRANCE / Vibration techniques and equipment specialist

Vibration techniques and equipment specialist, VIBRA FRANCE offers A whole range of vibrators to meet various needs of construction, industry, precasting or quarrying.

Vibrateur pour la préfabrication et la construction


For industrial applications, we offer a range of omnidirectional pneumatic vibrators (ball vibrators, roller vibrators, turbine vibrators), and a range of unidirectional pneumatic vibrators (air cushion piston and impact piston vibrators). We also specialize in electric motor-vibrators, ATEX vibrators, vibrators with central or lateral flange, vibrators with fast attachments, as well as a range of electromagnetic vibrating feeders.

Vibrateur industriel - équipement pour l'industrie


For precasting, we also offer pneumatic vibrating pokers, high-power frequency converters, high-frequency electric vibrating pokers reinforced with Tungsten carbide, external pneumatic or electric vibrators, shuttering or vibrating tables as well as vibrators for unclogging, vibrators for silos, vibrators for hoppers and vibrators for aggregate boxes.

For quarries, in addition to pneumatic or electric vibrators for sieves, screeds, crushers, wringers, silo cleaning machines, hoppers or aggregate boxes, we also offer a vibrating table for gabions with an optional compatible system of belting for any type of basket.

vente vibrateur béton pour le BTP

Concrete vibrators for construction

For construction, we offer a wide selection of pneumatic vibrating pokers (immersion vibrators), flexible transmission with electric or mechanical drive unit (gasoline or diesel), mechanical vibrating pokers, high-frequency electric vibrating pokers and vibrating pokers for laboratory specimens and high-frequency vibrating pokers with integrated electronic converters.


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