Vibrating table

 - Vibrating table

Over 25 years of experience allow us to offer, robust and reliable vibrating tables of all sizes.

Our tables are always designed upon order according to the vibrating load required and the appropriate motorization. The same applies to a load of 40 Kg or 40 tons.

TV model: To compact, to select, to bag, precast of concrete, etc.

TG model: To gabion baskets.


Type Dimensions (mn) Vibrating equipment in 3000 Rpm 230/400 V three phases
Vibrating load (Kg)
TV1 600x400x800 EA3003-X 80
TV2 900x400x800 EA3003-X 120
TV3 1200x600x800 EA3006 240
TV4 1000x1000x800 EA3008-X 330
TV5 1500x1500x800 EA3010-X 350
TG3 2400x2000x800 2 vibrators EB1020 3500
TG5 2400X2000X800 2 vibrators EB1030 5000

Ask us for strapping gabion baskets equipment, of 300, 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000mm.

For other dimensions, vibrating equipment, frequency variation : CONSULT US