Vacuum clamps VTC

 - Vacuum clamps VTC


VTC vacuum clamps are made of two powerful suction cups run by a special generator set on a vibrator mounting plate. Each unit has a 2 meters hose and ON/OFF valves that independently control the vacuum and vibrator. They are specially adapted for hoppers, containers or small silos in order to drain or clean walls. This system has been developed for large parks of metal, plastic or even cardboard containers or pipes when vibrators cannot be welded, screwed nor pasted (containers in transit, on lease, etc).

Vacuum clamps must be used on a clean and flat surface (metal, plastics, etc).

VTC15D can be used from 650 mm diameters. It is fitted with a sling to prevent the assembly from falling in the event of an air cut.

For implementation :

• Fix the vacuum clamps VTC15D on the surface to vibrate

• Open on/off valve for suction

Type Available vibrators for the system
VTC15D VT model (Turbine): until VT31 type
VPA model (Piston) : until VPA40 type