Electronic converter 230V → 42V (single phase)

 - Electronic converter 230V → 42V (single phase)

How to chose 42 V 200 Hz electronic converters

Consider vibrating poker amperage in charge.

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Input : 230 V Single phase - Output : 42V / 200 Hz



CE20M, CE30M, CE40M and CE40MC electronic converters have a safety device against tension fluctuations, current leakage, lack of grounding, overload, phase loss, short circuits and overheating. Its cooling ventilation system is forced by axial fans. Quality abrasion resistant materials.

Type Power (kVA) Intensity (A) Socket Weight (Kg) Description
CE20M 1.9 20 1 18 Metallic - On frame - Electronic
CE30M 3 30 2 22 Metallic - On frame - Electronic
CE40M 4.5 40 3 26 Metallic - On frame - Electronic
CE40MC 4.5 40 3 26 Metallic - On wheel - Electronic


CE28M electronic converter is fitted with an electronic module which makes the static converter completely without any moving parts subject to wear. One of its characteritics and maneuverability making it much more lightweight and quiet. Built with ABS shell and powder-coated steel with a comfortable shoulder strap.

Type Power (kVA) Intensity (A) Sockets Weight (Kg) Description
CE28M       2.4 28 2 4.5 Metallic - Portable - Electronic